Success! Spring 2017 Apparel Manufacturing Boot Camp

Many months after the fact, I’m pleased to report that we manufactured over 200 pairs of pants for donation to needy New Mexico school children. Our weak link continues to be distribution (giving away free stuff is harder than you’d think) but these should be going to their new homes before the end of the month along with the coats we just made. Here is a picture of the Spring 2017 Boot Camp staff:

Boot campers also made 360 luxury sized cloth napkins for a local 501c3 restaurant called Karma Cafe. The restaurant provides meals to anyone; you pay what you can and nothing if you can’t. It must also be said that the food is very good; inventive, tasty and thoughtfully prepared.

L to R: Celeste, Hurricane Mimi, Jamie, KC Staff, Hannah, Alina and another KC staff person.


Not shown, boot campers also made cat beds that were donated to rescue organizations.

Below is a photo of the pants we made. Shown in the the left pane are the two colorways -navy and jalapeno- and on the right, I turned a pair inside out to give you a view of the garment interior.

The pants have 3 sets of child pleasing pockets. Front, rear and side cargoes. The pocket flaps on the cargo pockets are faced with the Jalapeno French Twill that was also used for the pocket bags seen at right. The other notable feature (that moms appreciate), are the extra layers sewn at the knees to extend the life of the pants.  Other features: the hems are extra deep (3″) to allow for rapidly growing kids, and the back waistbands have a casing for elastic. In this way, we could fit more kids than we could have with a traditionally fitted waistband.

Here are people pictures. I enjoy looking over them, maybe you will too?

Kathryn and Alina, sorting pressed pocket flaps.

Hannah, pressing.

Sarah, pressing

Front to back, Carla, Celeste, Johanna & Rebecca. Other Celeste supervising.

Miriam -who almost looks surprised to see herself sewing.

Hannah -who may be embarrassed that I published this photo of her.

Sage, making cat beds on Bruce. Sage did nearly all of the side seam top stitching on the pants.





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  1. Love the people pictures!
    I hope I can attend Boot Camp one day…


  2. It’s always lovely to see the finished products and the people who made them.


  3. It’s so fun looking back at these photos! I loved seeing pictures of the most recent boot camp and wish I had been able to be there – I was there in spirit! Nice work!!!


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