Video of Fall 2017 Boot Camp

I have a treat for you. Documentary film maker, Ramona Emerson, of Reel Indian Pictures, came by during the Fall 2017 Boot Camp to shoot some footage. Ramona’s latest film is The Mayors of Shiprock. You can see this on PBS; October 19th, 2017 at 7 pm NM PBS Channel 5.1. It will also be broadcast on WORLD Channel on November 6, 2017.  Enjoy!

Contributing to Feral Cat Colony Support: The TNR Project

Sue_Jen_TNRIn keeping with our mission of immersive hands on sewing factory training, and supporting social initiatives in New Mexico, we’ve taken on the production of trap covers used in the capture of feral cats. For those who don’t know, TNR refers to Trap, Neuter & Release. By trapping and neutering feral cats, colonies become stable and neighborhoods are safer (in many places, cats are also vaccinated against rabies). The traps require a cover to create a cave-like environment -because, as we know, all cats love cardboard boxes– that will attract the animal but also keep them calm once the trap is sprung. Keeping a feral cat calm is an imperative. When I trapped the feral cats (7!) at the factory last January, several of them injured themselves quite badly because the covers were loose towels thrown over them. That experience is how I learned of the great need for these covers. Read More