Boot Camp Caveats

The Scope of Our Projects

Our projects benefit needy individuals in New Mexico. New Mexico is dead last in the United States for nearly all economic and social indicators. The particular area we’ve targeted has annual family incomes of $11,000 for 4 people.

The central focus of donating our products is to provide support to socially and economically fragile individuals in our community. We WILL deliver FIRST QUALITY goods. Poor people get a lot of junk; they deserve the dignity and respect of our best efforts and we will deliver nothing less. This is not negotiable.

More specifically, everyone is responsible for quality outcomes. In the event one discovers non-conforming or defective parts, attendees must confer with their coach immediately. Do not attempt to solve this by yourself -you are certainly encouraged to come up with a strategy to solve the problem. Anyone who is discovered orchestrating a work around to conceal a defect, will be escorted from the premises.

Similarly, should supervisors or other area managers deviate from the job duties and expectations we’ve set , it will be best to transfer them to other jobs that better compliment their skills and temperament.

Education versus Outcomes

Attendees must understand that while skill development is desired (you can’t make the products without it), in part learning management and execution of multiple styles and colorways, skill acquisition is not the primary goal. The primary goal is to deliver quality products to our “customers”. In the event there is a conflict between the competing demands of the learning experience and a quality product outcome, the quality outcome will take precedence. In essence, attendees are not paying for a learning experience. They are paying the expenses of the event.

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