New Mexico finally has its own Fashion Incubator

Pretty crazy that it took so long to create a fashion incubator in Albuquerque but better late than never.

The steering committee, comprised of Director A, Director #1, Director Director, and me, Founding Director (not that it matters, we’ve decided that our official titles will rotate being that none of us are wild on being the head honcho of anything)- will be pleased to announce our pending and very official open house as soon as we’ve bought the building. Yep, we’ve got a location all picked out; the space will be stocked with cutting tables, industrial sewing machines, CAD software and even -get this- two sewing contractors on the premises. It’s going to be awesome.

Our intended focus is on the nuts and bolts of producing a product line be it sewn products or fashion and apparel items. To be sure, there are synergies with other NM organizations that focus on the glamor side -specifically fashion shows and what not- but there is a dearth of technical acumen and expertise. Luckily, we do have that in spades.

In part, we can be described as:

  • A designer with many years experience, employed by world famous brands
  • A patternmaker who has been working in the trade for 40 years, again, with world famous brands and of course, many not so well known ones.
  • Another patternmaker with 30+ years of experience in the trade with a greater focus on production and production readiness.
  • And lastly, an entrepreneur who has a successful brand.

I’m looking forward to be able to tell you more about it later. Till then!

Edit: 3/20/15

I’m pleased to announce that our loan to buy the building was approved this past Monday. We expect to close within 4 weeks. Once we close, we’ll begin remodeling -we’ve already lined up the building contractor. We expect to open on June 1, 2015.

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  1. Best wishes for you and your crew, Kathleen!! I hope all goes very well!


  2. Congratulations!!! More sewing in New Mexico can only be a good thing :-).


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