Fall 2017 Apparel Manufacturing Boot Camp registration is open!

Many apologies for posting this so tardily but registration for Fall 2017 Apparel Manufacturing Boot Camp has officially opened.

Speaking of tardy, it would seem that I never did announce the Spring event in which we made 200 pairs of children’s trousers to donate to needy New Mexico kids but it did in fact open, was held successfully and ended about 8 days ago. I plan to post some photos of the event but probably won’t get to it for at least two weeks owing to a mountain of work being sewn in our factory (paid jobs -yes, we sew for design companies every day).

A note about registration; these slots fill very quickly. Design fills in a matter of hours. Production fills within 2 days. So, when I say that you should sign up quickly, it’s not a sales pitch relying on scarcity to pique interest. As ever, we will draw from the wait list for those who miss the opening. It is possible that we may go to a lottery system as many people have been disappointed to miss the opportunity. Again, see this page for more information and to register.

Please note, we reserve 3 slots for New Mexico residents. While the industry is not very vibrant here (we only have one customer in the entire state!), we try to support the few who do attempt the launch of their lines. Should we fail to recruit for these openings, we will pull names from the waiting list beginning April 15th.

Hope to see you there!



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