Spring 2016 Boot Camp dates finalized

Finally, the dates for the Spring Boot Camp have been set. You can find out all about it here but for now, here are the highlights:

Project: House dresses.

Our project will benefit needy seniors because once we feed, house and medicate the elderly, they are pretty much forgotten. Specifically, elderly ladies with challenging economic circumstances. Each woman will receive a minimum of 2 if not 3 dresses. Again, the core focus of this project is to benefit socially and economically fragile individuals in our community. As before, we WILL deliver FIRST QUALITY goods. Poor people get a lot of crap; they deserve the dignity and respect of our best efforts and we will deliver nothing less.

  • We will deliver a minimum of  240 house dresses
  • We will design a minimum of 3 styles.
  • We will develop styles that compliment limitations such as arthritis, limited range of motion, disability etc.
  • We will have a minimum of 3 colorways (I’d prefer 6)
  • All colorways must be sewn with the same color thread.



The project will take place in two sessions, design and production. If you register for the design phase, you are also included in the production boot camp.

  • Design phase: February 26-29, 2016, Fee $400, 6 slots with 3 reserved for New Mexicans.
  • Production phase: May 27-30, 2016, Fee $250, 24 slots available.

Go here for more on this project. More news will be forthcoming.

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  1. Oh what a fabulous project!


  2. This is SO COOL. I love all aspects of this kind of project. I love that you’re teaching sewing enthusiasts some of your knowledge and experience (it’s the kind of thing that’s hard to find but I gobble up when I do). I love that you’re aware of the people around you who are in need. And that you’re using your time, talents and means to make something for others and mentor along the way. SO COOL! I hope I’ll be able to attend one day!


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