Thoughts from a Boot Camp Attendee

Gwen sent me an email detailing her impressions of our last event. She agreed to allow me to publish it in the event that it answers questions someone may have about attending. For what it’s worth, we are technically full but several people haven’t paid their deposit, meaning if you registered and paid, you could get in. Onto Gwen:

Hello Kathleen!

First of all, thank you! Thank you for allowing me to attend this Fall’s coat making bootcamp. I had such mixed expectations based on hearsay from previous attendees that I was honestly psyching myself out about it all leading me to be very afraid and nervous. However, upon getting myself settled and into the work week, all of my fears disappeared.

Second of all, I have nothing at all bad to say! I truly enjoyed myself and will most definitely try to attend when I am able!
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Fall 2017 Coat Production -another win!

Our Fall 2017 Apparel Manufacturing Boot Camp was successful beyond expectations. By our second day of sewing coats (that we’ll donate to needy New Mexico kids), we were so far ahead that attendees had time to get bored and look for something else to do. Thus, we started spreading and cutting 200+ more live trap covers tor our local TNR program (Street Cat Hub). This is our fifth event in two years, and once we’ve finished, our running tally of products we’ve manufactured for donation will be:

325 winter coats for needy kids
375 live trap covers used to neuter wild cats, 85 liners for feral boxes that the city of Albuquerque uses, as well as dog beds donated to the city and other local 501c3 rescue operations.
270 dresses for senior citizens
200+ pairs of school pants for elementary school children
360 luxury grade (22″x22″) cloth napkins donated to Karma Cafe

Gwen, demonstrating the coats.

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Success! Spring 2017 Apparel Manufacturing Boot Camp

Many months after the fact, I’m pleased to report that we manufactured over 200 pairs of pants for donation to needy New Mexico school children. Our weak link continues to be distribution (giving away free stuff is harder than you’d think) but these should be going to their new homes before the end of the month along with the coats we just made. Here is a picture of the Spring 2017 Boot Camp staff:

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