Pictures of Spring 2016 Boot Camp

Well, we had a blast at the Spring Apparel Manufacturing Boot Camp, held Memorial Day weekend and everybody learned and contributed tremendously.  Unfortunately, I can’t tell you much about it now because attendees and other interested parties, are clamoring for me to post registration information for the Fall session. So that will go up next. In the meantime, enjoy photos from the event! If you want to see the full size version of each photo, click on it and when the page opens, click on it again. Sorry for the hassle but I must not have the slideshow plugin installed.

Spring 2016 Apparel Boot Camp Samples!

Here is a sneak peek of the three styles that we’re producing for the Spring Apparel Manufacturing Boot Camp. We plan to make each of the three styles in all three colorways -quite a challenge from a production stand point- but that was built in from the get go.  All styles have contrast touches with coordinating piping and trim, specifically, we’ll be using over 700 yards of piping and 400 yards of bias trim.

As you can see, none of the styles we’re making for donation are simple box coffin clothes. I was not going to let our designers or stitchers off so easily because we must design and produce with integrity. Integrity means producing designs that are useful; not dumbed or watered down because the fine touches are “too expensive” or difficult to execute. Perhaps more than anyone, needy people deserve nice things. I should say, these are not the first designs our team came up with but I wasn’t going to let them think they’re design ninjas for putting pockets into simplistic A-line dresses. There is nothing wrong with simple dresses but I’d feel silly patting our team on the back for design excellence with such a low bar and besides, our “customers” deserve better.  But I digress -we’re moving closer to deadline and are right on target!

If you’re interested in joining us for the Fall 2016 Apparel Manufacturing Boot Camp session over Labor Day, drop a note here so we can fill you in with more details later. Also, if you happen to be attending the TexProcess trade show in Atlanta this week, give me a call (see the about page) if you want to meet up.

In 2 styles, pockets are hidden behind piping. In the other, the patch pocket is piped and trimmed with contrasting fabric.

In 2 styles, pockets are hidden behind piping. In the other, the patch pocket is piped and trimmed with contrasting fabric. Note how the piping lines up on the side seam and continues the design line onto the back? Not easy to sew and not cheap.

Spring 2016 Boot Camp, update #1

We’re moving right along, gearing up for the design portion of the boot camp which takes place Feb 25-29, 2016. Oh, I should mention that we filled all of those slots but we still have 7 openings for production which takes place May 27-30, 2016. Again, we’re making 250 house dresses for elderly ladies (more info).

Before I forget, one of the assignments our designers have is to host an open house for the Albuquerque community. We don’t have a set time yet but it will be in the late afternoon to early evening of Sunday, February 28, 2016 at our factory located at 410 Old Coors Dr.

Today our designers received their assignments and a schedule for their four days here and I’ll tell you a little about both.

First is that I decided that we will be taking a field trip on the morning of our first day. Everyone will meet here at the factory at 6:00 AM so we can leave by 6:30. I’m providing a hot breakfast and coffee beforehand (the factory has a full kitchen). We will be driving 90 miles northwest to Cuba NM which is where our “customer” lives. After getting some guff from internet-land, I decided that our crew needed a reality check. For the record, this is it:

Cuba NM (pop 735) is a very poor village. The per capita income is only $11,000. Really. There is no money for anything, the infrastructure is in tatters. For example, everybody worries about snow days but in Cuba, they worry about mud days. They get plenty of snow but mud is the killer. They have to cancel school if the mud is too deep for the school buses to get through. People who are fortunate enough to have jobs, have to time their arrival and departure for when the mud is hard enough to drive on. Once spring hits though and the mud doesn’t freeze… people are often stuck at home for days. For some people, or rather many, it is a hardship but bearable as many are subsistence sheep herders (yeah, there are still places like that in the United States). At the same time, they have macro nutrients (beans, potatoes) but very few micro nutrients (green vegetables). This causes many health problems; the worst are obesity and it is common for elementary school aged kids, to lose all of their teeth by middle school.

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