The Albuquerque Fashion Incubator is a registered 501-c3 charity; your donations are tax deductible. We also appreciate donations of sewing machines, tools, goods (please call first), marketing, and of course, money. If you’re looking for information on how we can support you, read on.

If you know you can’t participate in the world’s only apparel manufacturing boot camps but would like to underwrite the project or sponsor a scholarship, you can do that too. Please let us know if you’re providing a scholarship so we can notify the benefactor of your generosity.

[Caveat: Don’t be confused if you’ve landed back here — it only means that your donation was successful.]

If you’re looking for ways that the Albuquerque Fashion Incubator can support you in your goals, call 505-877-1713 during office hours; you can also make an appointment to tour the factory. Speaking of- we don’t have regularly scheduled classes or seminars (beyond the boot camps) because there doesn’t seem to be much interest here in Albuquerque. At one point, we offered free industrial sewing lessons and nobody registered. Even so, we won’t be going away because the incubator is housed in a real, state of the art, sewing factory where we do production sewing for brands every day. Currently, we have over 40 industrial machines, 100 feet of cutting table and pattern design CAD. We’re open 8-5, M-F, MST -and lately, usually on Saturdays. If you’re interested in sewing factory services, please see this.

If you come, please do not wear any type of scented product, no matter how natural. This includes essential oils, cologne, perfume, after shave etc. Please do not dress up for our benefit; wear close toed shoes with no heels.

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  1. I just donated 300 for someone that may need it. I can’t attend. I hope this may help someone. Thank you


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